Tuesday, August 9, 2016


My husband and I sat down and talked about our finances yesterday.  Budgets meetings are always so much fun - note the sarcasm.
Does anyone else ever feel super guilty about spending money?  
I have this problem where I feel guilty spending money, even if I know that they are things that are needed.  I never used to feel this way, but since becoming a stay at home mom, I feel like I have to be very careful with what I spend and how I spend it.  I don't want my husband to think that I'm just buying things to buy them and at the same time I want to feel as though I'm contributing to the family finances, even if I'm not.  
When I was working I never felt guilty about putting something on my credit card because I knew I could pay it off.  When I was working I used to put money in my savings account regularly and I knew that I would have it for a rainy day.  When I was working I didn't feel too guilty for buying an expensive handbag or a few pairs of jeans or a new pair of shoes just because I wanted them.  
Now that I'm not working, I feel like I have to justify everything I buy.  
I am a consultant for 2 companies, Jamberry and Norwex.  I love both products.  In the beginning I felt like I had to spend money in order to be successful but I've found over the past few months that I need to be better focused on only spending my commission on trainings, products and marketing material.  I have a separate account that I only use for those companies and I try to not use any personal funds for anything related to them.  
As far as the kids are concerned I feel bad if I don't take them places or do things with them during the summer.  So I have done a few things to help make things easier in that department.  We bought a zoo pass so we can go to the local zoo as much as we want.  It's not that big but the girls like it and it's a nice way to kill the morning or afternoon.  We also get discounts at other zoos in the area so that's helpful.  There's a local indoor playground and my 2 youngest girls and I will go there sometimes just to do something different.  We have a pass which gave us a discount and gets us so many visits before we have to buy a new one.  
Finding ways to keep spending in check can be tricky but you shouldn't feel guilty for spending money even if you aren't contributing to the family finances.  It can be difficult to keep that guilt at bay, but remember that as a homemaker you are still contributing.  You are keeping costs down in the daycare area.  You are a full time housekeeper, cook, chauffeur and while you may not see yourself as contributing or saving money for the family, you are definitely doing that.  
It may be difficult at first, but talk it over with your spouse because they need to know how you're feeling as well. 

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