Thursday, August 11, 2016

Budgeting - it's not that hard but it's not that easy

There are a few things you need to remember when it comes to keeping a budget.  

First off, it's not easy.  You can find a ton of resources to help you.  Go online and type budgeting into Google and you will find worksheets, advice and lots and lots of information about where to start.  It may seem almost overwhelming but remember, if you don't start somewhere you'll never get anywhere.  

Secondly, It's not a quick fix.  If you think that a budget will magically solve your debt issues or make saving money a breeze then you're mistaken.  Budgeting will help you to reach your financial goals more quickly and effectively than if you don't have a budget but it's not going to do it overnight.  It will show you where you are spending the majority of your money and where you need to work but it won't magically add money to your bottom line each month.  Only by adhering to and doing your best to stay focused on your goals each month will you start to see your finances make a shift.  

And third, If you don't actually follow the budget than you probably won't get very far.  It's ok to get frustrated.  Everyone does.  Sometimes it feels like you'll be paying down debt forever or only putting a few dollars into savings every pay period.  But remember that it's not a race.  Everyone moves at their own pace and if you have a goal you will eventually get there.  

So keep working at it and stay focused so that you can eventually be where you want to be.  

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