Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 Ways to Start Saving

There are so many ways to save money.  It may seem like you aren't getting anywhere at first but a few small changes can add up quickly.
Tip #1 - Get some insurance quotes and make the switch:
Insurance companies are constantly changing their rates and sometimes you can get a better rate by shopping around and doing your homework.
My husband and I had Liberty Mutual for a long time.  We got discounts for having great credit, being members of the credit union I worked for and a few other things but our rates over time slowly went up.  We called and tried to get them to lower our rates but they really couldn't do much better, so we started shopping around.  My husband eventually found us a much lower rate through another company and we made the switch.  Saved us a few hundred dollars every few months and we have been very happy with our decision since.
Tip #2 - Quit your cable bundle:
If you aren't someone who needs a landline or who watches a lot of TV then breaking up with your cable provider may be in the cards.  For some it is cheaper to bundle everything together but for others it may be easier to just pay for a service like Netflix or Hulu and give up with cable completely.  It may cost you a little up front to purchase a device to access Netflix or Hulu but the long term benefits may be great for your bank accounts.
Tip #3 - Quit your coffee habit
Seriously, are you a Dunkin or a Starbucks person?  I was a Starbucks person.  And that Starbucks habit was killing my wallet.  When I graduated from college I wasn't making much but I was addicted to my coffee habit and unfortunately my bank account hated me.  My habit was terrible and I spent more money there than I ever want to admit but let's just say I was on a first name basis with my barista (his name was Stephen, he was my favorite and he knew what I wanted before I did most days).  When I quit my Starbucks habit I was able to get some money into my savings account and it was a huge wake up call.  So see where you can cut back.  It may be a coffee habit, a shopping habit, a party habit... but look at your habits and see if there's somewhere you can cut back.


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