Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Podcast Tuesday

haha... I've themed my day.  I wasn't going to do this but I have come across such amazing podcasts lately that I feel like I need to share them and I have no other avenue to do this, so Podcast Tuesday is here.
Today I want to talk about Young House Love Has A Podcast.  For those who don't know, Young House Love is a blog written by John and Sherry Petersik.  And for 7 years they shared their love of DIY and their lovely homes and family with the internet world.  I have no idea how I came across their blog but I fell in love.  I was totally devastated when last spring the Petersik's decided to take a year off.  But, over the past few months they have started blogging again and I was super excited to find they have a podcast - and it does not disappoint.
Young House Love Has A Podcast is super fun and while it focuses on DIY, it gives us a chance to connect with our favorite bloggers on a different medium.  Many who followed the blog already felt like they knew John and Sherry pretty well, but now I feel like I know them on a totally different level.  Listening to them tell corny jokes or come up with silly puns or even geek out over things that I would never have thought would cause them to be quite so excited makes me feel like they are way more approachable than I ever would have thought in the past.
Young House Love Has A Podcast comes out Mondays and is definitely worth the listen if you like fun interviews with DIY guru's and HGTV designers.  And if you were a fan of the blog then it's a must listen.
Check it out, if you hate it I totally understand.  But I think you will like it... it's entertaining, fun and has interesting interviews so I'm sure you'll love it!  You can check out the blog at younghouselove.com  and there is a link to their podcast there as well or you can find it through iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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