Monday, September 19, 2016

New Target Find

I have always loved the idea of a planner.  Haha, get that?  The idea of a planner?  Sounds great, but I've never ever found a planner that I absolutely had to have.  I remember in high school I was given a planner my freshman year of high school and I loved that thing.  Sadly they didn't have anything similar the next year and I've been looking and looking but never found anything that I liked quite as much.  
As a Jamberry consultant I thought maybe I should get one since I had things I needed to keep track of and using my phone wasn't really cutting it.  So I spent the money and got myself the company planner but it just hasn't worked for me.  I love the monthly calendar part and the party planning part of it, but for my every day life it's just not cutting it.  In fact, it just makes my life more complicated because I have to have a separate planner for my every day life.  
Needless to say yesterday when I went into Target I knew I needed to find something to help me make my life a bit more organized.  I browsed the dollar aisles as I usually do and then went into the office supply section thinking maybe I would find a new notebook and then I found The Day Designer... OMG... I am IN LOVE!  
The day designer planner is "a strategic planner and daily agenda for living a well designed life."  
Ugh... yeah!  That's exactly what I need.  It has a space for goals, has a place for my daily to do list, my top 3 tasks, a schedule, a place to write down dinner and gratitude.  I was using an app for gratitude, an app for tasks, an app for my schedule... I literally have a million apps for everything and it's driving me crazy.  I use the Notes app on my phone for pretty much everything but I like having things written down on paper.  It helps me feel more in control of my calendar and like I can get things together easier if I can see it and organize it on paper.
I highly recommend that if you need a panner that you look into this one.  It's pretty affordable - $20 or less at Target (I apologize but I can't find the receipt and there was no price sticker on the planner) and if you use your Target Red debit or credit card you should be able to get it for 5% off whatever the sticker price is.  Most planners sell for a heck of a lot more than $20 so to me, this was a good investment.  I've already been filling this one in and am very happy with it (it's a July 16 - June 17).  I am already excited to invest in another for next year! 
Does anyone else get as excited by being organized or is it just me?

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