Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall Expectations

I'm not sure about anyone else but with Fall comes the expectation of schedules, back to school shopping and a million and one other things that I just don't have to deal with as much in the summer.  Life falls back into routine and there seems to be much more of an expectations that things will get done, where as I don't feel that pressure in the summer.  Not that things get thrown to the way side, but I definitely feel like I can put things off more than I do.
I embrace the chaos of back to school and routine because it helps me to get life back on track.  No
My Oldest daughter headed off to her
2nd day of the first grade.
more lazy days of nothing to do.  No more relaxing on the couch watching movies or Saturday morning cartoons.  With back to school is also back to afternoon and weekend activities.  It means meal planning and making sure that there's a meal in the crockpot or something made I can quickly throw on the stove or in the microwave to heat up after a long day out and about.
With the chaos of after school activities it means being more flexible about nap time and less flexible about my cleaning schedule and activities for the youngest.  It means making sure I take the car for an oil change and get gas before I "need" to and it means checking the calendars and making sure I didn't miss anything.  It means putting the girls needs above my own and scheduling appointments for them and making time for them to have "down time" and "screen free" time.
Expectations, back to school, fall, schedules - while for some it is a sad time, for me, it is welcome.  It gives me something to look forward to and reminds me of why I enjoy being a mom.  Not that I don't enjoy being a mom in the summer, but I kind of thrive on the busy-ness of life and less on the chaotic fun of summer.

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